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The education of HKHS aims to develop a healthy body in youth in order to establish a basis for advanced studies and professional knowledge. Therefore, in accordance with the mid-term improvement plan of senior high schools, developed by the Ministry of Education, Kaohsiung city government decided to set up Siaogang Senior High School on May 10th, 1990 and to establish a preparation center on July 1st . Meanwhile, Tzeng, Kuo-guang was assigned the chairman of the preparation center in charge of founding the school.

Expropriated on June 15th, 1990, the campus measured 59,598 hectares. After making the blueprint of school buildings and budgeting the first term of school engineering, preparation center started the design of school buildings on March 28th, 1991. The design by Yuan-chang, Huang architect office was adopted through a series of scholar and professional examination. The school was constructed year by year in accordance with the budget.

The school construction was divided into 3 phases. The Administration Building and Western Building were accomplished on December 12th, 1992, and later, the Eastern Building on October 12th, 1993, in the first phase. In the second phase of school construction, the library and the Teaching Building were accomplished on January 24th, 1996. The science room was built on July 29th, 1998, in the third phase of construction. The main school buildings was nearing completion and the aerial photograph of the buildings represented the Chinese word, chung, which means whatever a person does should follow the way of moderation.

Kaohsiung city stretches from north to south. The downtown of the city is prosperous and thriving. In contrast, the education system and infrastucture in the northern and southern Kaohsiung city are not sufficient. Our school is founded not only to provide the access to education for the students of SiaoGang District and the neighboring areas but also to promote local prosperity

Our school was founded on July 1, 1992. Tseng, Kuo Kuang was assigned the first principal. There are presently 45 classes in total. In March, 2002, Lee, Hsing Yuan was assigned the second principal. In August, 2008, Yang, Wen Yao was assigned the third principal. In August, 2015, Chen, Chien Ming was assigned the fourth principal.

The fundamental principles are to promote academic studies, develop adaptive education, and practice good discipline. The teachers of our school are all equipped with teaching experience and enthusiasm. Moreover, the school is equipped with software and hardware teaching facilities to enhance students’ learning.

Looking back on the foundation of the school, we encountered lots of difficulties and hardships; however, with relentless efforts, we overcame the difficulties. The school is now 26 years old. With the mutual belief and effort by faculty and students, we have achieved an outstanding achievement.

With plain nature and tremendous potential embedded within, our school has adhered to four principles: truthfulness, diligence, wisdom and creativity. Our school thrives to cultivate students’ motivation for learning, broaden their ambitions and upgrade their horizons.



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