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Campus of HKHS

1.    The Features of Geographical and Civilized Surroundings: 

HKHS can be regarded as “ The White House and Art Hall” of Siao Gang. It’s located in the district of culture and education. In front of it are Zong-shan Junior High School and Han-min Elementary School. On the right side of the school are Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Hall and Kaohsiung Hospitality College. On the left is Er-ling Elementary School.  


2.    The Features of Campus:

The campus is divided into two teaching areas which function individually. One is the static area and the other is the dynamic area.  Each building is detached with a large space between each building to prevent any sound interruption. The design of the light intake system is based on a natural way. There are hallways on both sides of the classrooms, which are also well-ventilated. We have made every effort to make our campus beautiful and forested in order to create an ideal environment for students to study efficiently.


3.    The Features of Buildings:

There are four huge buildings named after our school motto, i.e. “Cheng-pu (honesty & simplicity), Qin-min (diligence & brightness), Zhi-hui (wisdom) and Chung-zao (creativity)” on the campus. These buildings were constructed in three stages. In the first stage, we focused the construction mainly on “Cheng-pu” Hall, including the teaching buildings on both the east and west side of the hall. In addition, the construction of the administration building, the main gate of the school, athletic fields, playground and the beautification as well as forestation on the campus in this period were also completed. In the second stage, we completed mainly the construction of “Qin-min” Hall, including the classrooms, a library, enclosing walls, a side gate and elevators. In the third stage, the major construction was “Zhi-hui” Hall, along with other buildings, such as the science hall, the rainbow gallery and the outdoor theater,  and the beautification and forestation of the campus. We plan to construct “Chung-zao” Hall to be served as a students’ activity center once it is completed. The first and second halls, made of four different kinds of marbles are seven– story high buildings. They are magnificent and splendid and the floors linking them look like artistic carpets


4.    The Features of Teaching Resource:

 (1)  Books on science and environment are the main collection of the library.

 (2)  We have an “Art Gallery of HKHS” which can exhibit works of teachers and students.

 (3)  Equipment and facilities in our natural science laboratories are new and up to date.

 (4)  All administration and teachers' offices as well as classrooms are all equipped with fiber web.


5.    The Most Unique Equipment, Implements and Views:

A HKHS Bell, some beautiful sculptures made of steel, brass and stone, two pieces of stone carvings, a winding corridor, lighted –wall, Rome pillars, and  a vestibule with colored floor.     


6.    Others:


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